Job interview



your achievements will differentiate you from other candidates


prospective employers will assess your value to ensure you’re the right person for the job


adopt the right attitude to get the job and evolve in it

Common skills:

  • literacy: ability to read and write correctly
  • numeracy: ability to deal with maths
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology): ability to use computers and related technologies

Expected qualities:

  • commitment: being committed to your job
  • loyalty: showing your employers that you have their interests in mind
  • flexibility: being able to adapt to all situations
  • reliability: respecting times and deadlines
  • trustworthiness: showing your employers that they can rely on you
  • teamwork: showing that you will get along with your colleagues and customers

Achievements :

Your academic achievements will be scrutinized: why?

=> knowledge and know-how are essential

=> qualities are reflected by school achievements

You can also mention your extra-curricular activities

Personal qualities :

Imagine how other people see you:

  • confident
  • considerate
  • calm under pressure
  • organised
  • sociable

Talking about where you work:

I work for …

Talking about the type of company:

It’s a multinational company

It’s a local company

It’s a small business

=> I work for Eiffage, it’s a multinational company.

Talking about what your company does:

We produce … (goods)

We sell … (products)

We provide … (services)

Types of goods and products:

  • electronics
  • lothing
  • machinery

Types of services:

  • ICT (information and communication technology)
  • Banking
  • Health care
  • Maintenance


We provide health care services / the company provides maintenance services

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