Presenting a company

Head office:

the headquarters, the main office => le siège

to be located in… :

to be situated in => “The IUT is located in Lieusaint”


a business or firm controlled by another via ownership of more than 50% of the voting stock. => une filiale

Parent company:

the owning company => la maison-mère

Production site:

a plant, a factory where goods are manufactured

Product range:

product line => gamme de produits

Retail outlet (UK) / store (US):

a shop, a place that sells goods made by a particular company => un point de vente

Annual turnover:

 amount of business done in a year/of money earned => CA


a financial gain, the amount of money earned     bénéfices

business premises:

company offices => les locaux

market share:

percentage of the market => part de marché

be the market leader:

to be number one


a person or a firm that provides something => fournisseur


a company or person that sells in large quantities to another company or to a shop => un grossiste


a person or a company that buys from or does business with a company


a rival company => un concurrent


the total number of employees

deal with:

to look after, to take care of, to see to => s’occuper de

be in charge of + Ving:

to be responsible for, to run, to oversee => gérer


established, created, launched => fondé(e)

a branch office:

an office located somewhere other than the firm’s main location, a smaller establishment doing the same line of business as the main branch => une succursale


all over the world

specialized in:

concentrate on a particular product or service, skilled in a specific area of work.

Talking about where you work:

I work for …

Talking about the type of company:

It’s a multinational company

It’s a local company

It’s a small business

=> I work for Eiffage, it’s a multinational company.

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