Exercice : curriculum vitae

writing exercise :

The following sentences represent the different stages of compiling a CV, but in each sentence the words are in the wrong order. Re-arrange the sentences putting the words in the correct order.

Jumbled Correct

about the involves think what job


sort of chosen about think it be what person would to do


your job identify the that skills description match


a decide on layout


previous your experience review


describe find language your suitable to experience


the CV version first of draft your


for your CV check mistakes.


Writing exercice 2 :

Organising Information

Classify the following information in “Education”; “Referees”; “Personal Details”; “Profile”; Additional Skills”; “Interests”; “Professional Experience”

  • Fluent in English:
  • Nationality - German:
  • Concept AG - Assistant Project Manager:
  • Excellent communication skills:
  • Full driving license:
  • Diploma in English with Business Studies:
  • Skiing and windsurfing:
  • Computer literate:
  • Able to work on own initiative and under pressure:
  • Responsible for customer service:
  • Dr H. Mayer, University of Bath:

CV layout exercise : look at Carmen's CV and answer the question : 

Decide whether the following sentences are true or false based on Carmen's CV.

  1. She started working full-time when she left school. (True / False)
  2. She was not very successful at Hotel Primavera. (True / False)
  3. She worked during her vacations. (True / False)
  4. She had financial responsibility when she worked for Eurostudy. (True / False)
  5. She isn't interested in politics. (True / False)
  6. She has never committed a driving offence. (True / False)
  7. She speaks French better than English. (True / False)
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