Exercice : drawing, designing, measuring, calculating

1. Fill in the sentences with the following words :

actual size ; CAD (computer-aided design) ; GA (General Arrangement) ; scale ; schematic drawings or schematics ; set

  1. Enlarged drawings show components larger than their ______________.
  2. For engineering drawings, 1:5 is a commonly used ______________.
  3. Whole machines or structures are shown on ______________ drawings.
  4. Electrical drawings don't usually show sizes. They're shown as ______________ .
  5. A ______________ of drawings for a large project can consist of hundreds of pages.
  6. Most drawings are produced on computers, using ______________ software.

2. Match the descriptions with the views used on drawings :

a 2D view of the side of an object

a plan

a 2D view inside an object, as if it is cut through

a section

a 2D view, looking down on top of an object

an isometric projection

a 3D view, showing an assembly taken to pieces

an oblique projection

a 3D view, with the 2D face of the object at the front

an exploded view

a 3D view, with a corner of the object at the front

an elevation

3. Complete the sentences using the following words and abbreviations

3D; detail; GA; plan; scale; schematic; section

  1. We need a ______________ through the bridge, showing the profile of the deck.
  2. The only drawing we have is the ______________, which is 1:100, so it obviously doesn't show things in detail.
  3. On drawing 12, there's a large ______________ of the entire top deck of the ship.
  4. Modern CAD systems can produce ______________ drawings that look almost as realistic as photographs.
  5. We don't need dimensions and positions at this stage. We just need a ______________ drawing showing how many branches come off the main supply pipe.
  6. We don't have a proper drawing. We've just got a rough sketch, which is not to ______________.
  7. The fixings aren't shown on the 1:50 general arrangement. But there's a ______________ at 1:5, on drawing 42.


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