Exercice : making a phone call

Yesterday I wanted to call the project manager at J&R Construction Ltd but I couldn't remember his ___________, however I knew it began with 586 792, so I ___________what I thought could be the right number.

Someone answered and said :

Hello, Jim Brown ___________, can I ___________ you ?

Oh I said, could you ______________________Mr Smith, please? I need to speak to him.

Well, Jim Brown said, can you ___________please, I'll go and tell him someone is asking for him.

He came back 5 minutes later and said I'd better ___________ in half an hour.

I did so and ___________ James Brown's office again.

Hello he said, I'm sorry but there's no Mr Smith here, you must have ______________________ .

What a shame ! I said ; I wanted to speak to him about a very important matter but I don't know how to ___________ him now!

If you give me some information about him I'll try to check in the ___________, Jim Brown said.

He left me a ___________ two hours later, and I finally managed to talk to Mr Smith.

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