Exercice : presenting yourself

Fill the blanks :

Exercise 1 :

benefits / vacancy / interviews / salary / experience / application form / qualifications

We have a ______ for a project manager to work in our busy London subsidiary. If you have a minimum of two years ______ in this sort of work and enjoy being part of a team, send for an ______ to the address below ______ is in the region of £38,000 depending on ______ (those with a university degree may receive more). Other ______ include the use of a company car and subsidised meals in the staff restaurant. ________ will be held on November 5th and 6th at our London office.

Exercise 2 :

earning / employed / from home / long hours / made redundant / training / permanent / pay rise / unemployed / promoted / temporary / set up / the office

I’ve been ______ by my present company for two years now. I came here straight after finishing university. I was really pleased because I was ______ some money at last. The company has an excellent ______ programme so I knew I would learn my job properly. I sometimes have to work ______ —I didn’t get home till after nine o’clock yesterday. But it’s possible for me to work _______ sometimes too—I have a computer in my spare room. It’s good to get away from _______ now and again, and I find I can get a lot done when there’s no one else around. Now that I’ve been here for two years, I’m hoping I’ll be _______ —that should also mean I’ll get a _______ and it’d be nice to have a bit more money. In the future, I’d like to ______ my own business, but I’ll stay here for now. One of my friends is _______at the moment and can’t find a job anywhere. He was _______ last year. Luckily, he’s been able to find ______ work—he’s worked for several different companies for a few months each time. But he’d prefer to work for just one and so he’s hoping to find _______ job very soon.

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