Exercises : grammar

Exercise 1 : comparing

Use the information from the table to complete the sentences:

Bridge Type of bridge Length of span in metres Built
Humber bridge, England Suspension 1410 1981
Golden Gate bridge, USA Suspension 1280 1937
Verrazano Narrows, USA Suspension 1298 1964
Quebec Bridge, Canada Cantilever 549 1917
Firth of Forth Railway Bridge, Scotland Cantilever 521 1890
Commodore John Barry, USA Cantilever 501 1974
New River Gorge, USA Steel arch 518 1981
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia Steel arch 509 1932


The Humber Bridge is ___________ (long) bridge listed in the table below. It is ___________ (long) than the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA but it isn’t ___________ (old). The Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the USA is ___________ (modern) than the Golden Gate Bridge but the Humber Bridge is ___________ (old) ___________ (extensive) cantilever bridge is the Quebec Bridge in Canada. It is 28 metres ___________ (long) than the Firth of Forth Railway Bridge in Scotland which is over 110 years ___________ (ancient). The ___________ (new) cantilever bridge is the Commodore John Barry which is also the ___________ (long). The New River Gorge is ___________ (short) and ___________ (old) than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Exercise 2 : grammar

Fill in the text with the correct tense and form of the verb:

The project ______________ (run) according to plan so far.  In October, negotiations for the site ______________ (be) carried out and a contract ______________ (be) signed. At the beginning  of November we ______________ (have) meetings with the architects. Plans ______________ (be) submitted to the local planning authority  on the 12 December. Workers ______________ (lay) services to the site in November and they ______________ (complete) the works by December. We ______________  (receive) planning permission last week and we ______________ (intend) to start construction of the building early next month.

Exercise 3 : Conditional

Fill in the blanks with the right tense and form :

  1. We'll carry on with the work when the conditions ________ (improve).
  2. If we'd known the weather was going to be this bad, we _______ (delay) the start of the project.
  3. Well, if the rain ______ (stop) soon, we'll get the foundations laid by evening.
  4. It could have been worse. Do you remember building that bridge last year ? If we ______ (not build) the dike of sandbags, the river would have flooded the town.
  5. And if we hadn't brought in that earthmover, we ______ (not make) it in time.
  6. If we get any more rain here, we ______ (have to) repair the potholes in the road before we can use it.
  7. Provided it (a) ______ (stop) soon, we'll be able to start preparing the timber. If they'd chosen another time of year, we (b) ______ (not have) these problems. It would be much nicer if we (c) ______ (have) indoor jobs at this time of year !
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